Perfect Gift for Her

Perfect Gift for Her

Sometimes we think that the holidays is the only time we can get gifts for her or him. But, that is not the case there are plenty of times throughout the year that one can express their connection to someone with a simple “just thinking about your present” not attached to a commercial holiday. 

Personalize for Her

You know that special person in your life or that person that was there for your when you didn’t know you needed them. Commercial holidays are cool because they almost force us to send a personal note letting someone know that they are being thought of but to receive something even a hand written note could be someone’s saving grace. 

We at Phrase Kraze try to think of a variety of things to brighten someones day or life and sometimes we realize that the answer lies in different places for different people. Which is why we created the “your text/image here”. We understand that you know the person you are giving to better than a computer algorithm. What we can do is provide you with the proper tools to convey your message. Whether it’s a dog id tag or a custom t-shirt we’ve got you covered.  

Start by remembering the person. With the advent of social media it is not as difficult as it was in the pass to get something handmade to gift someone.

Phrase Kraze Top 5 Recommendations:

  1. Favorite quote – Listen to the person you are thinking about gifting. Do they always quote someone?
  2. Favorite person or place – People love to reminisce about a place they’ve visited or dream of visiting.
  3.  Favorite pet – Even pets that are no longer living hold a special please in peoples heart. Help keep their memory alive
  4. Favorite pastime – Sports, food, games always make for the perfect gift.
  5. Favorite cause or organization – Membership is often equal parts the camaraderie and mission. What a great way to show unity then with something unique to your cause or organization.

Lastly, there are charts that also help with gifting ideas – Like the 5 year anniversary is pottery.